Grimz Gym is proud to be the training ground for a solid group of pro, former pro, amateur and aspiring amateur/pro fighters in the sport of boxing. We cater primarily to people of all ages who want to compete and train at the amateur and pro level. This is NOT aerobics or crossfit classes wearing boxing gloves. Our training regimen and DAILY SPARRING sessions are without exception THE HARDEST, MOST DIFFICULT you will ever experience. You WILL BE PUSHED, you will be EXPECTED TO WORK on the skills you’ve been shown, you should be PREPARED TO GIVE 110% EVERY TIME you walk through the door. If you dream to compete or thrive on the hardcore regimen/challenge of a fighter’s training, for $25.00 a week, Grimz Gym is now offering:

  • Boxers – Mind & Body Training in All Aspects of the Sweet Science.
  • All Day Access/Open Gym to ALL Members.
  • Unlimited Number of Classes.
  • Extreme Structured Classes Targeting: Cardio, Strength, Core, Flexibility, Coordination and More!
  • Free Weights & Weight Training Equipment.
  • Special Pricing for Trainers/Fighters needing equipment/sparring access.
  • Personal Training “competitive boxers only” by Appointment.

We guarantee you will never be bored here, you will never know what to expect here, you will look forward to your next class, your next spar, your next challenge.

NO ContractsNO Administration FeesNO hard sells, If you think you have what it takes, stop by and see what we’ve got:


Come see for yourself why Grimz Gym. is destined to become Sacramento’s premier boxing facility, or better yet, stop by and try it out now !!

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